Features and benefits of Antivirus, in GFI Cloud

  • Small-footprint agent
    The GFI Cloud antivirus agent provides real-time threat analysis that doesn't hog system resources or slow down PCs. In fact, it works so efficiently that users don't notice it (even during scans).

  • On-premise scanning
    Antivirus in GFI Cloud installs and scans on the endpoint, so no customer information, financial documents or other sensitive data leaves your network for scanning in the cloud.

  • Removal of existing antivirus
    GFI Cloud quickly and thoroughly removes your existing antivirus software, ensuring an environment free of other antivirus agents to avoid conflicts on the network during installation.

  • Cloud-based management
    GFI Cloud's simple-to-use web-based dashboard makes it easy to automatically address threats on all your servers, PCs, laptops and workstations from anywhere via the cloud.

  • Advanced threat monitoring
    Antivirus in GFI Cloud defends against malware threats, including zero-day threats in real time with Active Protection™, heuristics, signatures and other highly sophisticated detection methods.

  • Real-time threat detection
    GFI Cloud's antivirus malware processing tools analyze hundreds of thousands of samples every day and integrate threats they detect into GFI Cloud definitions multiple times per day.

  • Removable device scanning
    Antivirus in GFI Cloud automatically scans USB flash drives and other removable drives and files for threats before these devices can access and infect your PCs.

  • Remote device protection
    GFI Cloud moves centralized antivirus management to the cloud to protect remote laptops and PCs that rarely phone home.

  • Endpoint inventory and asset tracking
    GFI Cloud provides additional reporting that shows the number and types of endpoints and the software installed on each.

  • No additional database or server required
    Because GFI Cloud moves your antivirus management to the cloud, there's no need to invest in new hardware or worry about troubleshooting server issues.

  • Top-rated support
    From installation to deployment to day-to-day management, our knowledgeable GFI Cloud product specialists are on hand to answer your questions by phone, email or online chat.


Since implementing GFI Cloud we have found that we are detecting and remediating more threats than our previous solution.

Marcus McCran,
ICT Officer,
180 computers

Antivirus in GFI Cloud was more robust and stable well before any of the other players (and yes I've tried them all)... and boy did they work poorly! GFI is the best. We will be rolling out additional GFI products soon. Keep up the great products!

Dan MacGregor,
IT Director,
120+ computers

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