Automated Patch Management
in GFI Cloud

Keep your company's software up-to-date, secure and running at peak performance the easy way, with Patch Management in GFI Cloud.

Patch Management in GFI Cloud puts IT managers and administrators in control of their company’s IT with security and performance patches for the most relevant applications for small and mid-sized companies. It offers missing patch detection and automated patch deployment for both Microsoft® and non-Microsoft applications such as Adobe®, Java, Firefox, iTunes and more.

With the Patch Management service in GFI Cloud, IT administrators always know where the vulnerable browsers, applications and operating systems are and can quickly remediate to get them to up-to-date; saving IT’s time and keeping business applications safe and in good health - the easy and affordable way.

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Complexity hurts

With Microsoft no longer the main target for cyber criminals, how many different update mechanisms do you need to keep on top of, to keep all your third party programs patched and up-to-date? The problem compounds when you look at the overwhelming and unpredictable volume of updates each software vendor releases.

Keeping patch management simple

With GFI Cloud, you have one central point of control, to easily detect, download and install missing patches for both Microsoft and third-party applications. As soon as vendors release software updates, the full deployment process can be automated. From GFI Cloud’s, easy-to-use management console, busy IT administrators can quickly gain control of their patch management process and free up their time from tasks which can be automated.  Through features such as group-based policy management, IT administrators can set rules for pre-approved patches, automatic deployment and scheduling, as well as post deployment reboot control.

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What can GFI Cloud's Patch
Management offer me?

IT Manager
  • Always in control
  • Easy and affordable
  • Improved service continuity
  • Reduced risk of security breach
  • Increased productivity and IT time saved
  • Business applications up-to-date, secure and in good health
IT administrator
  • Always know where the vulnerable browsers, applications and operating systems are
  • Quickly remediate to get software up-to-date
  • Patching for Microsoft, 3rd party applications and non-security updates from one simple console
  • Patch updates scheduled to suit me and my users; not the software vendor
  • Easy maintenance with policy based management
  • Break free from WSUS reliance
  • IT time saved from repetitive tasks