Remote Control in GFI Cloud

Take control of computers remotely even when unattended - with a one-click, secure connection powered by TeamViewer®.

Remote Control in GFI Cloud enables IT admins to deliver support and easily fix computers remotely, directly from their web-based console – even for laptops on the move.

Just one click opens a fast, secure connection; there’s no need to call the end user or enter additional credentials each time you connect.

No matter where your devices are, you can quickly take control and fix issues remotely, from your own workspace.

Mobile working is on the rise

Technology now makes it easier for end users to work away from the office, meaning IT admins are faced with an ever growing challenge of supporting these on the go workers.

Remote Control in GFI Cloud helps you address this challenge by enabling you to take control of computers wherever they are and fix issues remotely to keep your mobile workforce productive.

Less disruption for you and your users

Fixing issues after the end user alerts you is disruptive. By combining Remote Control with Monitoring in GFI Cloud, you can spot and address issues before your users are even aware there was a problem. With GFI Cloud you can plan preventative work at a time convenient for both you and the end user.

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