Workstation and server monitoring
in GFI Cloud

Get complete visibility into the health and performance of your workstations and servers anywhere, anytime, in minutes.

GFI Cloud puts you in control of your company’s network so you can remotely monitor and manage all your computers, including your mobile workforce and home-based telecommuters from one easy-to-use, web-based console.

GFI Cloud enables you to ensure all your workstations, servers and laptops are operating at peak efficiency. With automated, customizable checks and configurable alerts it helps you spot and address potential issues ‐ such as disk failures and Windows® services disruptions ‐ long before they impact operations.

Performance monitoring

How often do end users complain of slow systems? Getting to the root of the problem isn’t so easy and can soak up valuable IT time. This is where server and workstation performance monitoring comes in. Easy access to historical trends for memory, processor and disk I/O utilization, enables faster diagnosis and resolution of issues.

Like most things in life, computing resources are finite and there is a limit to how much can be done in any given period of time by any system. Having visibility of which servers and workstations are reaching their limits gives you time to do something about it before system performance and business productivity start to suffer.

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Remote server monitoring in the cloud
What can GFI Cloud
Monitoring offer me?

IT Manager
  • Complete visibility
  • IT stable and predictable
  • Increased productivity and IT time saved
  • Improved capacity planning
IT administrator
  • In control with proactive monitoring
  • Remote access for faster diagnosis and resolution
  • Servers and workstations running at peak efficiency
  • Time saved with automated checks, configurable alerts and performance monitoring