How GFI Cloud simplifies IT management

How it works

GFI Cloud is a hosted IT management platform which is managed from a secure online management console accessed via an Internet browser. There is no special software required to access it. So wherever you or your devices are, all you need is a regular browser and an internet connection, to access the console and keep your computers secure and running efficiently.

Each monitored computer requires the installation of a lightweight agent that communicates with GFI Cloud (its smaller than an average MP3 file – that’s 1 song!) and handles tasks such as monitoring the network, running services and assessing the health and status of each of your computers.

How the agent communicates with the cloud server

The agent is available for download from the console from any web connection. There are no other agents quite like yours and only your agents can connect to your console. The download is small, the install is quick and painless and in most organizations there is no configuration to do on the machine after the initial installation. The agent regularly communicates with one of GFI Cloud’s upload servers over a secure http connection to provide up-to-date information on the health of your devices. The information sent from the agent is aggregated, analyzed and displayed on your web-based console, available from any internet connection through a modern browser.

No open ports and no firewall issues

Every open port is another vector for attack; a way in for the bad guys. GFI Cloud does not require you to open any additional ports, because the agent connects to the server and not the other way round; instead the agent pushes content to the server, not the server pulling information from the device. This means standard http(s) ports are used which reduces the configuration work you as an IT admin have to do to a minimum. Using standard http(s) ports means we don't get blocked by firewalls as we are never intruding.

Adding new services is easy - all the work is done for you

When you turn a service on, which is as easy as clicking a single button, a command is given to the agent the next time it contacts the server; on average it contacts the server every 2.5 minutes. From then on it really is all done for you! GFI Cloud investigates what type of computer you have, and intelligently assigns an appropriate policy for your specific computer type. Moreover, for Asset Tracking the agent scans your hardware and software. This is then used to automatically configure Monitoring, to set up the checks you need to keep your devices running efficiently. Each check is set with intuitive defaults so that you can be up and running without any hassle and with virtually no configuration required.

I've used every known Antivirus solution in the market place and GFI Cloud is by far the least intrusive, easiest to setup, does not bog down end-users, and I've never had an intrusion since implementing.

Mark Olson,
Junior IT Admin,
8 computers

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